Thursday, January 20, 2011

Magpie 49

Image courtesy - Magpie Tales

The early morning sky,
   A steel grey blanket,
Is void of power,
   Over the indomitable,
Spirit of youth.

Boots and gloves,
   Hats and jackets,
Donned as armor,
   From winter's sharp bite,
Still permit cheeks to grow rosy.

The chilling experience of crunching snow,
   Will forever be remembered fondly.

                                  K.M. Shear 01-20-11


  1. You have painted a lovely scene with words ....

  2. I can feel that cold crunch from here! What a welcoming and calming visit this is. I adore the strings......! I'll stay just a little bit longer!

  3. The steel gray blanket is releasing a load of snow as I read.

  4. Thank you Helen.
    I'm glad you enjoy my music Lena, I hope you'll be back ;)
    Tess, I hope you don't have too much shoveling to do :(

  5. The music really adds to the enjoyment.