Thursday, January 20, 2011

Magpie 49

Image courtesy - Magpie Tales

The early morning sky,
   A steel grey blanket,
Is void of power,
   Over the indomitable,
Spirit of youth.

Boots and gloves,
   Hats and jackets,
Donned as armor,
   From winter's sharp bite,
Still permit cheeks to grow rosy.

The chilling experience of crunching snow,
   Will forever be remembered fondly.

                                  K.M. Shear 01-20-11

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Eternal Warrior

The symbols of pride:
Eagle, globe, and anchor,
Medals of distinction.
The signs of distress:
170 beats per minute,
163 over 100,
Drenched in sweat and urine.
The language of loss:
Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy,
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome,
Invisibly wounded warrior.
I am a warrior,
Earned the eagle, globe, and anchor,
With blood, sweat, and tears.
This is the life I selected,
Embrace, and thank God for.
I am a warrior,
Forever suffering pain,
Anguish, caused by an invisible wound.
This is the burden I bare,
Grinning in the face of adversity.
I am a warrior,
Who can not march again,
That silently recites ancient cadences.
This is the loss I suffer,
Battle with, and overcome.
I am a warrior,
Eternally proud of my heritage,
Paying daily tithings of wordless respect.
This is the path I walk,
With shoulders back.
I am a warrior.
Unable to ever forget.
The symbols of distress:
Partially filled journals,
Overflowing pill boxes,
Black cane.
The signs of loss:
Forlorn eyes,
Sketches pleading with fate,
Dust covered guitars.
The language of pride:
Semper Fidelis,
Honor, Courage, Commitment,

K.M. Shear 01-18-11

Submitted to Jingle Poetry for Poetry Potluck

Friday, January 14, 2011

Duetted Perfection

Image courtesy
Magpie Tales

Our life together is a beautiful duet,
Intermittently joined,
In harmony,
By the lives of others.
The verses’ measures are filled,
With dissonance,
Minor tonality,
But the chorus is always strong.
Sweet, loving chorus lines,
Perfectly timed,
Carefully constructed,
To hold the score together.
No song could hold light to ours,
With it’s harmony,
Minor tonality,
Simple duetted perfection.

K.M. Shear

For my loving wife Amy.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Behind closed doors,
Descend stairs of the soul.
This night I will breathe easy,
Confidently alighting,
From one step to the next.

Bravely striding toward oblivion,
Where confines of the real,
Suffer transmutation to freedom.
Grace, resiliently overpowering,
Abolishes all hinderances.

And when the soul,
Sensing dawns approach,
Dictates stairs ascension,
The doors will be breached.

                 K.M. Shear 01-07-11

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Magpie #47

Image courtesy of Magpie Tales

This Heart

This heart beats no more.
Chambers emptied, severed,
From he who used it so well.

This blackened heart pumps no more.
Never again will it fuel the soul,
With hatred, venom, or fear.

Blackened, ugly heart revoked.
Removed, ready to be bagged,
Shelved; to eternally gather dust.

Useless, blackened, ugly heart,
Cast out and replaced by elation;
Beat no more.

K.M. Shear