Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Magpie #44 (Her Forever)

Image from Magpie Tales
Her Forever

She kept it.
Leaning on the foyer wall,
Reminding of him so small,
Keeping him forever young.

He left it.
Walking out the door,
Striding off to war,
Grinning, the journey begun.

She sees it.
Heading out to shop,
Cleaning with her mop,
Loving him like no other.

He sees it.
Dreaming, praying, crying,
Slowing breath, quickly dying,
Thinking of his mother.

She keeps it,
Leaning, reminding, keeping,
Him forever.


  1. oh this is so very very heart breaks

  2. How sad and beautiful. I like the form as well, and the start of Her Forever, and closing with Him Forever. Very well done.

  3. This will have a proper dedication to the two Marines who lived nearby that lost their lives. I'm awaiting confirmed information so I can post names and links appropriately.
    @Mary, I was a little infirm on the structure, but, with this comment, I feel more sound about it.
    Thank you all for having taken the time to read.

  4. You brought this to a good place. I am happy to have seen it begin.

  5. I read this with a heavy heart ... and a deep sigh.

  6. This is very sweet and the ending is sweeter yet everyone should have some one that loves them that much.