Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Magpie 52

Image courtesy Magpie Tales
Jack and Jim,
Had never been,
The best of friends at all.
It would begin,
With mighty Jim,
Stating Jack’s house was too small.
Jack replied,
Fervently denied,
That Jim’s house was no more grand.
Then Jim sighed,
And mildly lied,
About the length his walls ran.
Jack told Jim,
With outstretched limb,
About his roof and it’s height.
The day drew thin,
Both frowned and grinned,
While arguing through the night.
But when dawn broke,
They turned and choked,
At the sight of a new front door.
For while they spoke,
Some other bloke,
Built the largest house on the shore.
                             K.M. Shear


  1. Nice story.Liked it!
    Actually it was a typo..thanks for dropping in

  2. Glad you all are enjoying this. It's a bit out of my comfort box. ;)

  3. How fun! Serves them right ....

  4. So sometimes we get so caught up in the irrelevant that we miss the bigger picture. A good read.